Image of Metempsychosis

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Full-length album - 2012 - Jewelcase box edition

Limited to 500 copies.

Metempsychosis is the title of the new opus signed by the black metal entity called Nox Illunis, hailing form northern Italy since 2006.
This album, following the 2010 debut album In Sideris Penumbra, is going to be released in summer 2012 by the Portuguese label War Productions both as a jewelcase and as a digipack edition with astonishing artworks signed by the talented artist Francesco Gemelli (Trist, Absentia Lunae, Tenebrae In Perpetuum, Lustre, Janvs, Void Of Silence, Visthia, Tronus Abyss, Disiplin, Joyless).
Metempsychosis features seven tracks for over 50 minutes of fast blasting black metal with slow melancholic moments and dissonant chords, mixed with occult atmospheres and industrial sounds in a avantgardistic perspective.
This sonic journey is evoked in the band's own mothertongue in the form of a concept album with poetical lyrics and is intended to channel the human strain towards the inner depths of the counsciousness, and awake the spirit against the decadent modern world.